We have over 30 years of experience working in the building automation arena. We specialize in assessing systems that enhance productivity, comfort, safety, and their application to your facility. We have extensive experience with all types of electrical, tele-data and mechanical systems, and can help you obtain any solution through our network of affiliates. Contact us today for more information!


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We build teams 
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For over 30 years, we have navigated the shifting sands of building automation and safety/security technology. YOU are the focus, not our suppliers. We are not stuck on any specific product or solution. We take a generic approach to solving YOUR problem. We don't care what the product or problem is - We determine the right mix of products and staff that will solve YOUR problem and exceed YOUR expectations. Let us help you. Call us today! (440) 319 - 2479

What do we do?

Concept & Design

We are focused on your situation, not somebody else's product sales quota. It all starts with one simple question:


Survey & Assessment

You might not have as much of a problem as you think. We start with a comprehensive site survey & facility assessment. This can be as simple as a walk-around, or as intensive as an engineering analysis of your facility & equipment. Either way, this is where we start. If we can't offer a solution, we will find someone else who can.

Implementation & Support

Once we identify the true nature of your problem, we offer multiple solutions to consider. Brand new, or retrofit? It's your money! You decide how you spend it. Then we advise you on the best way to implement and supervise the solution, and provide you with  ongoing support, as needed. 

Questions? Call us Today for Answers! 

We're ready to get started - 
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